"I have never meet anyone who has such knowledge and Dedication to her craft and her patients. Thank you for helping me with my vast & complex health issues and bring me closer to my goals of having a happier and healthier life 🙏

Female, 58 years old

"I've been struggling with adrenal fatigue for over 10 years. Valeriya consulted me on the best natural medicines and lifestyle changes in order to get me physically, emotionally and mentally back on track! After only a month my anxiety and depression diminished to almost nothing, I started sleeping better straight away and my skin is 100% better. I definitely feel much much better overall.

Valeriya is extremely passionate about naturopathic healing and I couldn’t recommend her enough!

Female, 33 years old

"Amazing. I was astonished at how accurate Valeriya was with understanding my overall state. On her own she discovered things that only my doctors and I knew. 5 months after my first consultation she had cured me of one particularly annoying health issue (that medical doctors couldn't), and we are now working on improving other areas of my health.


Male, 30 years old

"Wouldn't go to anyone else but her! She definitely knows what she's talking about, and genuinely cares about what you're going through. It's fantastic to speak with someone judgement free, who has your best interests in mind. For many years, I'd been struggling with anemia and many other health issues, I was going back and forth between doctors. Simply had no energy, but I couldn't sleep, and my body would just not retain iron. I'd never considered naturopathy an option, but after one session I found out the reason I didn't hold iron. Thanks to her, I am living a much better life. My iron levels are right where they should be, I'm much more energised throughout the day, and I'm living my best life. Couldn't recommend her enough.

Female, 21 years old

"Couldn’t recommend Valeriya highly enough! 
She is so knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. In the short time I have seen her she has helped me improve on many aspects of my health that I have struggled with for a long time.

Female, 29 years old

"Thanks for all your help, knowledge and above all for your continued work and dedication. 

Male, 33 years old

"Yes you are truly dedicated to your profession which I can only admire gratefully,a very special human being,keep up the good work sweetheart sorry I have been a pain ! 😘👏💐

Female, 74 years old