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Tarot Guidance 

Tarot reading 15 minutes - $50

Tarot reading 30 minutes - $95

I have been doing tarot readings for over 10 years, and during this time my personal understanding of the space around us, the psychology behind the Tarot cards, the symbolism each deck brings and the guidance we receive have transformed and reached new depths.

Naturally, I am a rational being and look at all explanations of "supernatural", scientific, spiritual, religious and pragmatic. I have read the Tibetan Book of Death, The Bible (Old and New Testament), The Koran, I have practiced Buddhism, I have studied science and explored the quantum physics.

My experience exposed me to visions, Austral dreaming, communicating with the dead, predicting the future, finding objects and winning psychic competitions. There were (and are) plenty of challenges on this path to self discovery, for example, staying sane when seeing spirits, acknowledging other forms of existence and witnessing serendipity.

I now prefer to explain what Tarot readings do as a form of the "Internet". We all have an ability to go online and check the weather. We could use the barometer and other fancy tools to predict the weather, but we prefer the convenience of someone doing it for us and delivering us the information so that we are better equipped for the days ahead while we focus on other things in life.


Saves time and keeps us informed. Knowledge is Power.

However, those how have lived in Melbourne know that despite the predictions the weather here has a mind of its own and things can change and play up a bit.

This is similar to a reading I provide. The reading is based on years and years of experience, my personal self growth and ongoing learning and amusement with this life. I see it as a privilege to be invited to look into a snapshot of your journey and to utilize my being to guide you on your path.

The readings are straightforward, honest, raw. There is no water or sugarcoating. I don't say what you want to hear, I speak what I see and I look for solutions for you. There is always compassion, flexibility and genuine human interaction. If this resonates with you I would love to hear from you.

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