Tarot Guidance 

Tarot reading 30 minutes - $60

Tarot reading 1 hour - $110

Tarot cards are a traditional way to access the intuitive world and clarify tricky situations, to provide ideas for future trajectory and potential outcomes of certain actions.  A tarot reading can be used to get answers in a "yes-&-no" format as well as have an elaborative depiction of the situation.


Relationships, feelings of other people, relationship development, career, finances, large purchase decisions, times to open business, time to take action, time to slow down and go inwards and a lot more can be clarified with a tarot reading. 

Why you can trust me

Every Woman on my Mother's side is incredibly intuitive and powerful so my psychic gift first showed up when I was 5 years old. I had a "knowing" in regards to a family member's death. Since then I had many intuitive provisions.


Over 9 years ago I picked up my first Tarot deck and have been a practicing Tarot reader since. In 2015 I won an online psychic competition after which I decided to make my intuition serve as many people as I can reach.


I prefer honest and direct communication,  don't sugarcoat things but give you tools and show opportunities to overcome uncomfortable situations utilizing all the knowledge I gain and apply to this day.

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To Schedule Your Appointment


email to info@valtality.com.au or

Contact me on 0432341506

Face-to-face Appointments are held at Stable Health, 22 Alma Road, St Kilda

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