Initial Consultation: 60 minutes ~ $125

Follow-up Consultation: 45 minutes ~ $95

I offer holistic health consultations and consider the complex connectivity of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. Everybody has their own unique requirements and your consultation and treatment are personalised to suit your needs.


I embrace and offer you nourishment, activation of self-healing, and empower with nature's gifts of herbalism, real food and health knowledge. 

All recommendations are unique to You and are made with intuition, thoughtfulness and compassion. As your Naturopath my aim is to be the catalyst for healthful change, motivating you to assume greater responsibility through a heightened awareness and understanding of your current and future health.


  • Comprehensive health analysis

  • Physical assessment

  • Iridology reading

  • Flower Essences

  • Diet analysis

  • An individualised treatment plan 

  • Functional testing when needed

Neuro-Emotional Technique

N.E.T. Stress Release: 20 minutes ~ $55

This modality works with mind-body connection to help you releave stress, anxiety and worry that you may have had stored for years. 


Non-invasive and very effective at alleviating the emotional pressure N.E.T. allows you to return to your life with better judgment, calmer and brighter mood in record time.

This service is perfect if you have stress in your life, are anxious, have recurring situations, health conditions that would not go away despite your best efforts and many more.

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To Schedule Your Appointment


email to info@valtality.com.au or

Contact me on 0432341506

Face-to-face Appointments are held at Stable Health, 22 Alma Road, St Kilda

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