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Initial Consultation: 60 minutes ~ $130
First Follow-up Consultation: 45 minutes ~ $115
Consecutive Follow-up Consultations: 30 minutes ~ $95

Naturopathy is a medicinal modality that believes the body has the key healing abilities. All aspects of a living being are connected and when an illness develops it has several ways of showing through. Thus a naturopath's job is to learn about the individual and identify the missing "ingredients" their body needs in order to restore its optimal functions.


Treating the Body as a Whole is at The Core of Naturopathy

Valeriya offers holistic health consultations and considers the complex connectivity of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. Everybody has their own unique requirements and your consultation and treatment are personalized to suit your needs.


Valeriya embraces and offers you nourishment, activation of self-healing, and empowers you with nature's gifts of herbalism, real food and health knowledge. 

All recommendations are unique to You and are made with intuition, thoughtfulness and compassion. As your Naturopath, Valeriya's aim is to be the catalyst for healthful change, motivating you to assume greater responsibility through a heightened awareness and understanding of your current and future health.