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Valtality was created in September 2018 with a vision of providing the community with the knowledge about the Human Body and the organic natural ways to look after it. Its vision is to make the world a healthier and kinder place where people choose to look after themselves and the planet in simple yet effective ways.


Valtality's mission is to inspire a large number of individuals to appreciate their Body, to help people achieve their health goals and ultimately reach Mind, Body and Spirit wellness.


Valtality is aiming to increase the number of conscious, healthy and prosperous people in Australia and World-wide by teaching about dis-ease preventative practices, the effects of herbs, nutrients and emotional hygiene through private practice, blog, social media, webinars and boot camps. It is aiming to look after the human health by hand-crafting natural products and promoting individuals and companies that already create products with the human health in mind.

About Valeriya

Valeriya is originally from Russia, has lived in Vietnam and now calls Australia home. That unique background gave Valeriya an insight into different medicinal practices around the world and now allows her to integrate the best of the modern and traditional health rituals into her practice.

Valeriya has a curious mind that always has her studying, whether it is the conventional way at the university or with the tribe in a remote jungle. Such dedication to get to the root cause of the issue means Valeriya possesses numerous tools to advise to her patients.

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Over the last several years Valeriya has worked at the integrative clinic with oncology patients, lime-like conditions and couples with fertility concerns. She has since started her solo practice and spreads her wisdom at her clinic, via Tele-Health, at the gyms, libraries and on social platforms.

Unlike your average practitioner, Valeriya spends time to understand each person and selects an individual treatment plan designed to provide the right mix of nutrients to assist the body in healing. Valeriya utilities investigative testing, recent scientific research, collaborates with your other health care providers and applies counseling, intuition and compassion.

Valeriya's Education

  • AIAS, Adv. Dip. Naturopathy

  • RMIT, B.B.M (applied)

  • The Health Masters, Postgrad. Natural Fertility

  • ESOHM, Integrative Approach to Thyroid Disorders

  • Neuro-Emotional Technique Basic and Next

  • Psychology Courses

  • Australian Natural Therapies Association Member

  • Working with Children Permit

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